Into The Ravishing Universe of AnaSaa Beauty

November 2020 witnessed the beginning of AnaSaa by the one and only, Lady Boss-Anushia Palaniappan. Her idea of ‘beauty should be affordable and beneficial to all’ became a reality in a box of 15 sachets and named as Anashinez. This miraculous supplement created with certified ingredients is a MUST-HAVE in almost every household today. 


To offer a stable platform for passionate individuals regardless of gender and race to grow steadily in the health & beauty industry. 


To empower men and women & encourage them to lead an independent as well as successful life. 

The Bold & Beautiful Lady Boss

Anushia Palaniappan

Anushia Palaniappan is the living example of beauty of brains. Undoubtedly, our Lady Boss is the epitome of independence and hard-work. 

She crafted her career path from a young age and her notable roles are cabin crew and a master stockist for a renowned local brand. However, her career journey took a turn when she decided to build her own empire with her fiery passion for beauty & health. After three challenging years of extensive research, studies and countless discussions, AnaSaa Beauty was established with the amazing support of her husband & family.

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